Jo Bramham-Smith and Matt George

What is TechnicallyBrilliant?

To our customers we select and show some of the finest local visual art the Northwest has to offer and we do this at very reasonable prices. So reasonable other galleries or interior designers can buy work and sell it on. We have four open exhibitions each year and we have access to a large number of artists who may have alternatives or are able to make commissioned pieces.

To artists we offer a commercial gallery outlet in a very busy shopping centre with in excess of 2million visitors each year. We change the exhibition four times each year, which gives selected artists just under three months to sell work in each exhibition. The exhibitions art free to enter, there is a small charge if work is selected, which goes to the production of an exhibition catalogue. We charge 30% commission when we sell a piece of work.

We don’t lock artists in to long contracts, even though we continue to try and sell their work, once an exhibition has finished artists are free to exhibit or sell their work wherever they like.

To young people we are a place where they can learn to make anything from art to androids. We have groups on a Thursday and any young person is welcome, especially those with ASC.

To everyone else we provide fun classes and workshops, where they can learn about artistic techniques and how to apply them.

Technically Brilliant is a ‘not for profit’ organisation, we are based in Golden Square, Warrington, primarily due to the support of the shopping centre management and staff.