This is the entrance form for the ‘Round-a-bout’ exhibition, which will take place at the Technically Brilliant Gallery in Golden Square, Warrington towards the beginning of March 2023 to the end of May 2023.

You will need to pay the entrance fee before you are redirected to the entrance form. Once you have reached the entrance form, there’s no time limit so take your time and enter your details carefully.  The information you enter could be used in the catalogue.

Please note we are charging £5 entrance fee per artwork.
If the correct fee isn’t received we will disqualify your entry.

Good Luck!

Entry to open call


Open call to Technically Brilliant gallery’s next exhibition, “Round-a-bout!”, which will open early March 2023.

All forms of original visual art considered for selection by a team of experienced curators and artists. Two dimensional pieces should be fitted with D-rings so they can be hung on our STAS hanging system, three dimensional pieces will be shown on a plinth. Please make sure to add accurate dimensions and supply good photographs as they may be used in the catalogue. Please present your work well, the better the work is presented the more likely it is to sell.

The exhibition will open early March and be in our gallery in Golden Square, Warrington, Cheshire. The gallery is now well known with both clients and artists for having exhibitions showing original art.

To submit, please complete this form paying for upto 4 pieces at a time.

Non-refundable entrance fee of £5 per piece to be paid prior to being redirected to entrance form.

Commission fees for work sold is 40%.

Closing date for submissions is 7pm 29th January.

All entries will be considered by the selection panel after the closing date for submissions and all applicants will receive selection results by email.

Thank you and Good Luck!

Matt, Jo & the Technically Brilliant Team